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Poster: adks12020 Date: Nov 6, 2012 6:01am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: It's time to decide - move forward or fall back?

Actually it did occur to me that they may want us weak....until I listened to what they said and used some common sense. People in other countries may not like us but they recognize the need for a superpower to exist...and we are the only one left.

All the people I've seen interviewed on the matter from around the world (including journalists, business leaders, politicians, etc.) specifically said they want U.S. to continue to be a superpower and fear what will happen if we no longer are.

They see our economy growing faster than theirs and they know that their economies all depend on how well ours does. They want that growth, tepid as it may be, to continue.

They want us to continue to focus on international issues other than Israel and Iran. They don't want us to increase our military spending which would hurt our growth. China (who hold a ton of our debt and is a huge trading partner) doesn't want to negotiate with someone that is constantly calling them evil. Obama has been firm with (see substandard steel story from a few weeks ago) them but not running around talking shit every chance he gets. That's called diplomacy.

Like I said, I'm ok with Obama, I don't love him. The fact is Romney turns off much of the world and that is an important factor in my vote since this is a world economy.